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About the GGZ Gaming Zone
Founded in early 2000, GGZ has grown from a simple network game architecture to a versatile online gaming center, entirely based on Free Software (Open Source). With its integrated player ranking system and features such as game spectators, player invitations, guest players and the surrounding chat system, it makes game module development an easy task. Even more so since several game support libraries have been written.

Projects like GNOME Games and KDE Games and several other game projects use GGZ to get a powerful multiplayer infrastructure.

Some statistics
  • 16 packages (SVN modules) available, plus a Windows port
  • 19 game engines and 27 game clients can provide hours of fun
  • Support for KDE/Qt, GNOME/Gtk+, SDL and browser games
  • More than 170,000 lines of code in C, C++, Python and Java
  • More than 800 registered players on GGZ Community
The article 5 years of GGZ contains a few funny stories about the history of GGZ. Detailed licencing information can be found at the legal stuff page.

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