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GGZ Community Portal
GGZ Community is a web portal running on a GGZ server and is operated by some GGZ developers. Registered players who play against each other can compete long-term by keeping track of themselves in the rankings and statistics database. Tournaments can be organized to mix up the player list a bit. Players can discuss in the forum and publish their blog entries into the portal. Even web-based gaming is integrated for those who prefer it. Join the community now!

Web sites
To play a game in the Java applet or to watch statistics and organise tournaments, visit the GGZ Community website.

Direct GGZ login
To play a game on GGZ with a native client (and not the applet), open this link with any GGZ core client.

Metacle service
The Metacle is always informed about which games are currently running world-wide, both for GGZ and for other online games! It also has a list of additional GGZ servers, in case someone registers them with it.

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