GGZ Text Client Manual

Written for GGZ 0.0.9
Josef Spillner <>

Command line options and arguments

The following options are supported:

The only supported argument is a valid GGZ URI to connect to, which has the format: ggz://[user@]host[:port]. Examples would thus be:

Startup script

A startup script can be used to execute commands automatically during the startup of the program. For example, a user might want to connect to a server and join a room without having to enter the commands by hand each time.

The location of the script is at ~/.ggz/ggz-txt.startup. The example above might look like:

/connect some.ggz.server
/join room 1
/list types
Hi there, it's me again!

Playing games

This core client can be used like any other to play games. If it is running in a plain console ($DISPLAY is not set), only console game clients can be run by it, which currently only exist for the TicTacToe game. If it is running in a X11 environment terminal emulator, much more games are available.