Grubby User Manual

Revision: 0.3
Date: 26.03.2005
Author: Josef Spillner <josef at ggzgamingzone dot org>

This documentation is geared towards the users of grubby on a chat network. It will teach the bots commands and explain the individual modules. For further reading, the Grubby Administration Manual and the Grubby Architecture Manual are available.


The official GGZ Gaming Zone chat bot is known as Grubby, although it may have different names like Keeper or eurogrubby. It has been enhanced to work with both internal and external modules, called the "guru library". This is currently work in progress, but once the transition has been finished, it'll be worth the work. So this documentation covers all the new stuff which is not documented yet.

There are explicit modules, which means they only react if you speak to grubby directly, and implicit ones which let grubby react on what other player say in the chat. Not all modules may be loaded, so if you ever meet a chat bot, you will have to query his modules by asking him "grubby modules". The administrator can even, if allowed, load and unload them at runtime (external modules only), when he issues a "grubby modules add modexec" or "grubby modules remove modweird".

Make sure grubby knows your origin, you can tell him with "grubby I am from de" or similar.

News module

You can ask Grubby about the latest news world-wide. If you want him to tell you a news headline, just tell him:
grubby news slashdot
The following news sources are available right now: Slashdot, Heise, The Register and Happy Penguin. It will list you the sources if you simply do a:
grubby news

Dictionary module

In case you don't understand a word when chatting, this might help you: It translates words from English into your native language. In case grubby does already know where you're from, it can also do this the other way around. Here is how it goes:
grubby what is Tree in german
grubby what is Bier in fuzzy english
Please note the use of the modifier "fuzzy" here: It'll match all words which contain the word as a substring, hence give more output to the chat. You can use both descriptive names (like portuguese) or ISO codes (like pt).

Translation module

Grubby does now also support the translation of whole sentences, when a connection to the internet is available, using web services as its backend.
grubby translate fr-en peut-tu me donner le source

Meeting module

This might be especially interesting for those who want to drop a note about upcoming events. As opposed to the "tell" command, this one can be polled by everyone.
grubby meeting
This command lists all available meetings or events. You can add some with add or delete some with remove:
grubby meeting add Tomorrow: Big game bashing!

Programming module

This is an implicit module: From time to time, grubby recognizes that people speak about their programming language skills, and joins the discussion. You don't know grubby's hacker skills!

Self module

There are two little commands which let grubby tell a bit about himself:
grubby about
grubby help

Badword module

Another implicit module which takes care about what you say. You shouldn't say indisciplined things, so try to avoid any badword. And yes, "windows" is one of them :-)

People module

Useful to get information on other people, or to update your own public records in grubby's player database.
grubby my name is Hans

grubby have you seen Franz

Message module

Provides asynchronous communication with players who aren't even logged in. You only need to know their nicknames. If the paging is activated, you can even page people (which activates their pager or sends a Short Message (SMS) to them).
grubby do i have any messages
grubby tell Keeper you are a bot
grubby page someone

Learning module

This makes grubby very smart when time goes by. It will learn without complaints, and tell others what it has learned so far.
grubby microsoft is a strange company
grubby microsoft

Games module

Grubby is not only a chat bot, but also a gaming bot. Whereever a game module exists for it, it can be invited into a game via the command
grubby join my game
as long as at least one seat is still open.