The GGZ Gaming Zone developers


Main protocol specification for GGZ Gaming Zone between the GGZ server and GGZ core clients. This specification documents version 11 of the protocol.

Table of Contents
The Protocol
Client-Server Communication Protocol
Logging in
Requesting server information
Requesting room information
Server updates
Table Management
Chatting with friends
Administrative actions
Game Interactions
Protocol Reference
Messages sent in both directions
SESSION -- Session start
PING -- Lag measurement challenge
PONG -- Lag measurement response
Server to client messages
ROOM -- List entry describing one room
GAME -- List entry describing one game type
SERVER -- Server identification
MOTD -- Server Message of the day
UPDATE --  Notification that the list of players or the list of tables in a room has changed, or the list of rooms or game types on a server.
PLAYER --  List entry describing one player.
TABLE --  List entry containing one table
JOIN --  Message to indicate you've joined a table
LEAVE --  Message to indicate you've left a table
RESULT --  General message to indicate the result of a request
LIST --  Server response to request for list of rooms or list of games
CHAT -- Server response to chat message request
Client to server messages
LOGIN -- Client requested login or registration
LIST --  Client request for list of rooms or games on the server, or of tables or players in a room
LAUNCH -- Client request for new table launch
JOIN -- Client request to join a table
LEAVE -- Client request to leave table
CHAT -- Client chat message request
ADMIN -- Room Administration
PERMADMIN -- Permissions administration
ENTER -- Request to change rooms
CHANNEL -- Request for a direct game connection