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Connect The Dots
Board game for 2 players.

Connect The Dots features
  • 3 game clients available: KSquares (KDE), Dots (Gtk+) and KDots (KDE)
  • AI opponents available
  • supports statistics
  • supports game spectators

Connect The Dots rules
The first player (game host) selects a suitable horizontal and vertical size of the board - the more cells, the longer will the game take. Following this setup, the game starts, by giving each player the chance to mark one edge of any cell. As soon as someone achieves to finish a cell (so all 4 edges are marked), this player is allowed to continue until no further cell can be marked anymore. The game ends if all cells are marked. The winner is the one who got most cells to be marked with his colour.

Protocol and documentation
No further information present.
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