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Board game for 2 players.

Escape features
  • 2 game clients available: Escape (Windows), Escape/SDL (SDL)
  • supports statistics
  • supports game spectators
  • AI opponent available
  • single-player mode (SDL client)

Escape rules
The game board is a grid of dots, not disimilar to the Connect-the-Dots board. The board is entirely enclosed with "walls" with the exception of the two ends where a section (the "goal") is designated as the place where each player wants to escape to. Both players control a single blob which moves between the dots. The player can move in one of eight directions to a dot directly next to them. The same move between two identical dots can only be made once. So when a move is made, a line is drawn showing where the move was - this line can then not be used again. If a move is made that ends on a dot which is either part of the wall or on a dot which has already been moved to, the player which made that move gets to move again. Moves that result in no further moves being made (ie. moving into a corner) are either forbidden or else result in a draw. Moving along a wall is not allowed.

Protocol and documentation
No further information present.
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