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Card game for 4 players.

Spades features
  • Gtk+ and Java game clients
  • AI opponents available

NetSpades was the original Spades game in GGZ, ported from the original version which supported Gtk+ and Slang frontends, dating back to 1997. With GGZCards, a new server and (generic) client is available, but the game is kept in GGZ nevertheless.

Spades rules
The first player (game host) is given the privilege to choose the minimum bid and the score needed to win a game. Each player then selects a bid and submits it. This marks the start of the turns, in which all players clock-wise propose a card. The one with the highest card and color wins the trick. Since the game is named NetSpades, one can assume that Spades is trump.

Protocol and documentation
No further information present.
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