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Board game for 2 players.

TicTacToe features
  • 5 game clients available: TicTacToe (C, Gtk+), KTicTacTux (C++, KDE), TTT3D (C, SDL/OpenGL), TTTXT (C, console), Guru-TTT (C, Grubby game)
  • 4 game servers available: TicTacToe (C), RubyToe (Ruby), CoffeeToe (Java), Kryds (C++, Qt)
  • some servers support statistics
  • some servers support game spectators
  • AI opponent available in some servers

TicTacToe rules
One player uses the cross, the other one the circle (or similar symbols). Then they try to get 3 of their symbols in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) by putting a symbol on a free field in each turn. TicTacToe is the most simple game of GGZ and often the first one written for new platforms.

Protocol and documentation
XML protocol
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