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Arimaa Server
Board game for 2 players.

The Arimaa game name and rules belong to its inventor. The GGZ multi-board game GGZBoard understands the Arimaa game rules if the (currently external) Arimaa module is downloaded. The original game homepage is:

Fact sheet
  • Supports the Arimaa/Bogaprot engine
  • Implemented in Python (GGZBoard server)
  • GGZ is required (no standalone mode)
This server makes use of the GGZBoard framework. It implements the Arimaa game including an AI player. The Arimaa server shares its protocol (Bogaprot) with other board game servers.

GGZ game server support
Bot playersno
Named Botsno
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SDL client: GGZBoard

Engine: Arimaa/Bogaprot

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