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The GGZ project makes free online gaming possible. We develop games and work with other game projects to create a better environment for playing on the internet, and we showcase all that on the GGZ Community site, inviting everyone to join us there.

To play straight away in the web browser, click on the large picture below. This will take you to the GGZ Community, where many folks are hanging out to play, among them several Spades clubs and GNOME gamers.

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02.01.2009: Developer snapshot 0.99.5 (by josef)
A dazzling snapshot after more than half a year of waiting, but it's definitely worth it. A consolidated package structure, tons of new features which are summarised in the NEWS file, and further progress towards the next full release.

27.10.2008: GGZ for mobile use, and other news (by josef)
A garage project for porting GGZ to mobile devices has been created. This will not produce anything usable quickly, but will allow us to work towards this goal whenever possible. In other news, several changes have been happening in the KDE and Gtk+ core clients and another snapshot will follow soon.

13.07.2008: Developer snapshot 0.99.4 (by josef)
Once again, a snapshot has been produced following the schedule of six weeks in between them. This release adds a new package named ggz-kde-center for KDE 4 and puts ggz-sdl-games and the old KDE 3 packages to a rest. Download the best free online gaming environment right away and give us any feedback that might help improving the software!

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