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GGZ Gaming Zone Servers
Server, network and mirrors information.

Main GGZ Server USA
The server is located in Atlanta/USA. It hosts www, dev, ftp (master), mail, bugs and svn services and gives all GGZ developers a home. The system is a leased User-Mode-Linux image.

Server Germany
The server is located in Berlin/Germany. It provides the central administration infrastructure like the name server.

Server France
This server is located in Lorraine/France. It hosted the GGZ Community portal initially, and still serves as a backup server for it. The Metacle service at runs on it as well. It also mirrors the www and ftp areas (, and provides connection via IPv6.

Community Server USA
The GGZ reference game site is now hosted in Virginia/USA. The server runs including the forums.

Download Mirror USA
Thanks to ibiblio, we're able to use FTP space on a server in the US.

Download Mirror Denmark
Thanks to Sunsite, we're able to use FTP space on a server in Denmark.

Download Mirror Belgium
Thanks to Belnet, we're able to use FTP space on a server in Belgium.

Former servers
Before switching to the current GGZ Community server, GGZ developers ran the software on,,, and The names shall remain here for a bit of nostalgy.

Please contact the GGZ Hostmaster for any hosting related information. Please note, we do not look for FTP mirrors anymore, but we do look for dedicated game servers.
Webpage history
The first site on (and later lasted from the beginning to June 2001. Dynamic news were already included. The second site on went from June 2001 to February 2004. It used the j00k CMS. Most of the content was read from a database. The current site on went online in February 2004. It provides i18n capabilities and a developer area, and reflects the grown project structure much better. Maintained using SVN, it will last for quite a while... A design overhaul was performed in December 2006.
To celebrate the 5th birthday of GGZ, the GGZ Community portal went online in January 2005. From statistics to playing games online via Java applets, from articles to tournament organization - GGZ Community is king among the free gaming centers of this world (and beyond). Other projects can even host their own "Community" portal using GGZ Community.
In mid-2006, the Metacle service was launched to provide a unified look on metaservers, so that information about gaming activity both for GGZ and beyond is now possible. Metacle can be thought of as a search engine for online games.

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