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02.01.2009: Developer snapshot 0.99.5 (by josef)
A dazzling snapshot after more than half a year of waiting, but it's definitely worth it. A consolidated package structure, tons of new features which are summarised in the NEWS file, and further progress towards the next full release.

27.10.2008: GGZ for mobile use, and other news (by josef)
A garage project for porting GGZ to mobile devices has been created. This will not produce anything usable quickly, but will allow us to work towards this goal whenever possible. In other news, several changes have been happening in the KDE and Gtk+ core clients and another snapshot will follow soon.

13.07.2008: Developer snapshot 0.99.4 (by josef)
Once again, a snapshot has been produced following the schedule of six weeks in between them. This release adds a new package named ggz-kde-center for KDE 4 and puts ggz-sdl-games and the old KDE 3 packages to a rest. Download the best free online gaming environment right away and give us any feedback that might help improving the software!

24.05.2008: Developer snapshot 0.99.3 (by josef)
Commit #10,000 has hit our SVN repository! It marks the third snapshot release and adds ggz-gtk-client, ggz-gtk-games, utils, docs and community to the mix. More than 30,000 lines of code diff and 60,000 lines of translation diff demonstrate quite some progress. As usual, check the NEWS file and turn yourself into a proper user or contributor to GGZ!

09.03.2008: Developer snapshot 0.99.2 (by josef)
The second snapshot release has been rushed to the FTP server today. It adds ggz-grubby, ggz-java and ggz-python to the previous set of four core GGZ packages. Many cool new features are available, check the NEWS file.

17.02.2008: Stable release (by josef)
The GGZ release 0.0.14 was updated today with several bug fixes and added translations. All distributors are encourated to build on while eaglerly looking how the next snapshots are shaping.

20.01.2008: Developer snapshot 0.99.1 (by josef)
Over the past months, the GGZ project was shaped like probably never before, and our roadmap plans for a version 1.0 have been fulfilled by now. Therefore, we part from our 0.0.x release scheme and release a series of 0.99.x snapshots on the way to GGZ 1.0, The first such snapshot has just been created and can be downloaded by interested developers. It took one year to blossom out, although the next one will take significantly less time, about two months or so.

10.01.2008: GGZ turns 8 years old (by josef)
The GGZ project has just turned 8 years old today. And there's indeed a reason or two to celebrate the event. Just recently, our new project server has been inaugurated, complete with buildbot and searchable mail archives. Before that, the second part of an article on Ruby game development was published which mentions GGZ. The GGZ libraries have been accepted as a build dependency for gnome-games 2.21 which means wider availability of the libraries for us and more consistent network gaming for them! Likewise, KDE 4.0 will be released tomorrow and contains 2 games with GGZ support. And soon, there will be another cool news, from what we've heard already... :-)

27.08.2007: Development news (by josef)
There are many interesting things going on in GGZ land: our cards players keep on rocking, a TOC had been organised in the meantime, and a host privilege tool (cake bakery) is in the making. The loom of KDE 4 brings us three new games, hooray! The server goes international, with many pending Unicode improvements. The Community platform is being extended with a Web Services API and OpenID support. Andrea O.K. Wright gave a talk in Raleigh, NC, USA about Ruby game development which included several slides on GGZ and protocol source code generation with GGZComm in particular. Finally, lots of small changes which will at some point bring a new release of GGZ!

16.01.2007: GGZ 0.0.14 (by josef)
The GGZ Gaming Zone Project is proud to announce version 0.0.14 of its integrated platform for free online games. The webpages were improved, and we're getting more players now than we ever got before. GGZ is being adopted by more game developers. We will now focus on stability and new features in two separate lines of development in order to not break the existing game experience. Have fun and play online here or here or download GGZ 0.0.14!

25.10.2006: Development news (by josef)
GGZ is working together with other people to give you the best choice of online games! The GNOME games project will use GGZ as its networking platform, the first results of this can be seen in a few months. The popular Ubuntu Linux distribution is hosting a developer summit where one GGZ developer is invited to help end the myth that playing games on Linux is difficult. And finally, the Spades craze at GGZ Community will soon be improved with a scheduling tool. We already have set up a mailing list for tournament hosting requests which is well received. Stay tuned!

05.07.2006: Some restructuring (by josef)
We would like to apologize in advance for some server moves, temporary URLs in the meantime and so forth. GGZ is honoured by the amount of new players we got (especially Spaders) and we try to provide an adequate infrastructure. Please play on the test server if you use the Java applet (or native clients from SVN sources, as the 0.0.14 release will be delayed due to all of that).

24.05.2006: GGZ at OpenLadders (by josef)
The site OpenLadders is a brand-new GGZ-based online gaming site. They run a GGZ server and provide access to it through the GGZ-Java applet. Leagues and other customizations are included. This is the first time GGZ is used as an infrastructure solution for another gaming site.

17.03.2006: GGZ 0.0.13 (by josef)
After more than 5 months of work, the GGZ Gaming Zone 0.0.13 is now available. This release adds several new features, chief among them the GGZ Java package which contains the applet sources. Download GGZ now and have fun playing on it!

30.01.2006: GGZ now for Java users too! (by josef)
With GGZ-Java, gamers on all operating systems get an applet for the direct access on GGZ from every web browser. GGZ-Java contains not just the applet, but also a couple of game clients for existing GGZ games, and some more might be added in the future.

16.11.2005: New games information pages (by josef)
The software section has been restructured a bit to make a cleaner separation between game engines, game clients and game servers. Additional entries like Arimaa or RubyToe are already hinting at the next release of GGZ, although there is still a lot of work to do before it can happen.

01.10.2005: GGZ 0.0.12 (by josef)
As planned with our 4-month release cycle, the GGZ Gaming Zone 0.0.12 has been released today. This marks quite some effort eliminating many bugs and restructuring some parts of the source tree.

03.08.2005: Subversion Repository (by josef)
The GGZ CVS repository has been migrated to Subversion (SVN) now. Find information on the new site

21.05.2005: GGZ 0.0.11 (by josef)
After only four months, the version 0.0.11 of the GGZ Gaming Zone has been released today. Downloads are possible from any of the mirror servers which have been offered to use thankfully since the begin of the year.

24.01.2005: GGZ 0.0.10 (by josef)
Today, GGZ has been released in version 0.0.10. A lot of novelties will fulfil the expectations of players and game developers alike. The GGZ Community server has already been upgraded.

10.01.2005: Jubilee: 5 years of GGZ and launch of GGZ Community (by josef)
The GGZ Gaming Zone project has turned 5 years old. Linked to this event is the launch of a new web-based online gaming platform, named GGZ Community.

17.10.2004: Progress (by josef)
Development has started to shape the next version. To be informed about new features, join our ggz-dev mailing list :)

16.07.2004: GGZ 0.0.9 (by josef)
GGZ 0.0.9 has officially been released today. See the above links for further version specific information.

07.04.2004: Server move (by josef)
The GGZ project has switched hosting of its main server from User-Mode-Linux (UML) to Linux-VServer. Sorry for the downtime during the last days.

07.02.2004: GGZ 0.0.8 (by josef)
The new version is out now. The old website is officially replaced with this one. Have fun :)

27.07.2003: Annnouncing (by josef)
The GGZ Gaming Zone homepage will get a new look and feel. All pages will be maintained in CVS, and will feature modern HTML and translation/content negotiation.

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