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Comprehensive overview about the GGZ Gaming Zone 0.0.11 Release (Changes)
KDE Client Functionality enhancements in kggz
Spanish translation for kggz
Ability to use web page as MOTD
New: Graphical grubby configuration (kgrubby)
Removal of module sniffer
XDG menu entries for all applications and tools
Gtk+ Client Support for email address in registration
Support for command line arguments
Support for server reconnection
Integrated user manual
GNOME Client XDG menu entries for ggz-gnome and motd-editor
KDE Games Spanish translation for all game clients
Single player mode for koenig
Gtk+ Games
SDL Games
GGZ server (ggzd, libggzdmod) Support for server-side savegames
Support for players abandoning their seats
Automatic reconnection of PostgreSQL database backend
Replacement of popt dependency with getopt in ggzd
GGZ Base Library (libggz) Support for IPv6 network connections
German translation of libggz API documentation
GGZ Client Libs (libggzcore, libggzmod) Split of game (shared) and ggz (static) part of ggzmod
Games can now install their icons
Option to automatically restore lost connections
Replacement of popt dependency with getopt in ggz-config
Game servers Savegames implemented for Tic-Tac-Toe and Chess
Network protocol autogenerated from XML for Tic-Tac-Toe
Grubby SILC network plugin
Text client Many cleanups, and log file argument
Utilities The protocol generator ggzcommgen does now work
Documentation New GGZ overview document
New GGZ architecture document
New server architecture document
New Grubby architecture document
New game developer feature document
New game module internals document
New auto-generated game protocol documents
Overhauled core clients overview document
Formal specification of ggzmod and ggzdmod protocols
German translation of many documents
Python stuff New: Ludo game client for GGZBoard
Dice support for all board games which need it
Community Web Interface Player karma and geographical coordinates
Savegame review graphics
Matchmaking system based on player attributes
Goals for 0.0.12
Nothing has been decided yet. Some ideas were floating around:
  • ???
There is a Playground CVS module where very unstable development takes place. Every game and game-related developer is encouraged to use this module.

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