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GGZ 0.0.11 Credits

Who are the GGZ developers?
GGZ is developed by an international team, with no strict schedule, but a common goal. Everybody is invited to join the GGZ team. Information on joining can be found in the developer area. You can support us by contributing code, translations, graphics, levels or dedicated servers/mirrors.

Current team
Pierre Hugues Husson [phh]
Roger Light [oojah]
Luis Pérez Meliá [perez]
Kettil Säther [senko]
Jason Dorje Short [jdorje]
Josef Spillner [josef]

Previous developers
Rich Gade [rgade]
Brent Hendricks [crouton]
Doug Hudson [djh]
Tobias König [tokoe82]
Ismael Orenstein [perdig]
Dan Papasian [bugg]
Ricardo Quesada [riq]
Justin Zaun [jzaun]

General credits
Brian Cox [sealion]
Rodney Dawes [dobey]
Bryan Duff [duffologus]
Christian Perle [povaddict]
Michael Rohrer [lionman]
Sebastian Roth [sebbi]
Stephen Zander
LavaDevil94 [Lycanthrope37]
ha shao
All GGZ supporters, packagers and distributors
Widelands developers

Server hosting sponsors
SourceForge (, 01/2000-02/2004 Germany (, 06/2001-06/2003
Internet24 (, 01/2003-03/2004
ZoneLibre (, since 04/2005

FTP mirror providers
DotSrc (the former SunSite) (
Belnet (
ibiblio (
KGT new media ( (also provides

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