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GGZ 0.0.11 Installation

Installation from source
The following instructions apply to people who want to install the client-side packages of GGZ from source. It also explains some software dependencies. In any case, please consult the file QuickStart.GGZ in each of the client tarballs. For a general overview, please read README.GGZ, which is part of every tarball. For Windows and Linux tips, see below.

libggz Required. Optional support for gcrypt, gnutls and openssl (development files).
ggz-client-libs Required. Needs popt and expat (development files). Popt is not needed anymore as of GGZ 0.0.11.
ggz-*-client At least one required. Needs either libgtk or kdelibs or ncurses (development files).
ggz-*-games At least one required. More recommended. Needs either libgtk or kdelibs or libsdl or ncurses (development files).
How to install
Just run configure, make, make install in every package. Start with libggz. If you want a prefix different from /usr/local, specify this prefix with each package so GGZ is always found. For desktop integration, the prefix should equal the one of either KDE or GNOME (using $KDEDIRS also works).

If even this is too hard, the GGZ contrib directory provides a script which does the job interactively. It installs GGZ into the home directory (no root access required).
Fedora Core 3 (and comparables)
Fedora/Redhat users often ask how to install GGZ. First of all, the following packages are not included and must be retrieved from
  • SDL_ttf
  • pygame
  • smpeg
  • Numeric
  • fam-devel
KDE programs and games must be configured using --with-qt-includes=/usr/lib/qt-3.3/include and --with-qt-libraries=/usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib.
Windows users
Parts of GGZ (libraries, Gtk+ programs and games) can be cross-compiled using MinGW and Msys. Static libraries can be found on our FTP server.

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