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Comprehensive overview about the GGZ Gaming Zone 0.0.12 Release (Changes)
KDE Client Launch dialog supports named bots and buddies
Privacy protection dialog for peer-connected games
Gtk+ Client
GNOME Client
KDE Games New common Qt-based dialog and class library
Usage of the new seats/spectators dialog in most games
Gtk+ Games SVG card set for GGZCards
SDL Games
GGZ server (ggzd, libggzdmod) Support for SQlite database backends
Bot players can be named and registered
New C++ library wrapper ggzdmod++ (consolidated)
GGZ Base Library (libggz)
GGZ Client Libs (libggzcore, libggzmod) Support for extended player information retrieval
Game servers Savegame support for Connect the Dots
Named bots support for Tic-Tac-Toe
Grubby Automatic joining of reserved seats
Text client
Documentation Slides from the GGZ talk on LinuxTag 2005
Python stuff
Community Web Interface New template and configuration system, including 'Widelands' theme
Full internationalization
Savegame handlers for Freelords and Connect the Dots
Goals for 0.0.13
Nothing has been decided yet. Some ideas were floating around:
  • GGZ Collector: fire-and-forget game result submissions from everywhere
  • Qt-based ggzmod and ggzcore abstractions
  • Arimaa support in GGZBoard
  • Skat and other games for GGZCards
There is a Playground SVN module where very unstable development takes place. Every game and game-related developer is encouraged to use this module.

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