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Comprehensive overview about the GGZ Gaming Zone 0.0.13 Release (Changes)
KDE Client Improved game help integration via Wikipedia
Gtk+ Client Restructuring to allow embeddeding with games (e.g. Freeciv)
GNOME Client
KDE Games
Gtk+ Games
SDL Games
GGZ server (ggzd, libggzdmod) More command line and configuration options in ggzd
Display of roles and available permissions in ggzduedit
GGZ Base Library (libggz) Support for asynchronous hostname lookups
Easy to use wrapper for getpeername
GGZ Client Libs (libggzcore, libggzmod) Relocation of ggzwrap from kde-games to this module
Support of asynchronous connections via GGZ_OPT_THREADED_IO
Internationalization of ggzcore messages and German translation
Game servers
Grubby Support for Tcl scripts in modembed
New plugin scripts: player statistics and fortunes
Introduction of privileges system for admin commands
Text client
Utilities Improved source code generation in ggzcommgen
Documentation Updated game development and server hosting guides
Description of Tic-Tac-Toe source code structure
Python stuff New GGZBoard game: Arimaa
New GGZBoard game: ConnectX
Network support for GGZBoard Ludo and others (Bogaprot protocol)
Local AI support (via GNU Go) for GGZBoard Go
Ability to install themes and additional games in GGZBoard
Community Web Interface Point-and-click interface for the world map
Java applet integration
GGZ for Java Completely new applet (experimental) for GGZ browser integration
Contains core client applet
Contains 6 game clients for Hearts, Sueco, Bridge, Spades and Whist
Goals for 0.0.14
Nothing has been decided yet. Some ideas were floating around:
  • RubyToe and other GGZ-Ruby efforts
  • Kuohbe, a KDE frontend to GGZBoard, written in Python
  • Improved GGZ-Java with more games (e.g. Skat)
There is a Playground SVN module where very unstable development takes place. Every game and game-related developer is encouraged to use this module.

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