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GGZ 0.0.13 Release Announcement

About the GGZ Gaming Zone
The GGZ Gaming Zone (GGZ) is an open-sourced Internet gaming center. Similar to other online gaming sites, players from all over the world can login and sit at tables where they can play their favorite games and chat with other players. GGZ supports multiple rooms with varying skill levels, and records your statistics so you can see how you match up against other players. 19 game servers (plus 8 GGZCards engines) and 28 game clients (plus 8 GGZBoard games and 6 GGZ-Java games) are available in total, as well as 7 independent game projects which provide GGZ support.

About the GGZ 0.0.13 release
Again, a lot of new features are available:
  • GGZ goes Java! Experimental applet available on GGZ Community
  • New GGZBoard games: Arimaa and ConnectX
  • Tcl scripting support in the chatbot Grubby
  • Embedding of ggz-gtk into Gtk+ games
The documentation set has been extended again. As usual, i18n and build system updates were made. See below for details regarding all the changes. Translators can find information on the Internationalization pages.

There are some new screenshots showing off with the changes.

Please refer to the download page for information on source code and binary packages.

The changelog page has an authorative list of what has changed since the previous version.

Meeting places
Gamers can select among many game servers. Some of them are already predefined in the client software. KGGZ users can choose to be connected automatically to the right server.
  • (0.0.12+ fast)
The online ranking system can be found at GGZ Community. It shows player and game statistics and currently running games. Players can found teams, organize tournaments, upload/download additional game data, write articles and blog entries.

Developers can find additional resources in our developer area: You'll find there information about the roadmap, mailing lists, CVS access and much more.

Extensive documentation has been made available for this release.
Please refer to the documentation overview page.

Of course, our game descriptions and other continuing efforts are also available.

The GGZ Gaming Zone Development Team
Please have a look at the credits page to find out who made GGZ possible.

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