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Comprehensive overview about the GGZ Gaming Zone 0.0.14 Release (Changes)
KDE Client Zeroconf support via KDNSSD
Player management and administration
Better metaserver dialog
Gtk+ Client Configuration dialog for the Gaim plugin
Windows installer
Player management and administration
GNOME Client
KDE Games New library: kggzmod to make Qt/KDE game development easier
New game: KConnectX, a client for the ConnectX engine
Gtk+ Games Ability to run all games in 'embedded ggzcore' mode
Improvements in GGZCards including non-blocking network code and table messages
SDL Games
GGZ server (ggzd, libggzdmod) Publishing of game information to the GGZ metaserver
Support for the Avahi Zeroconf library, in addition to Howl
Completely overhauled ggzdmod++ library for game authors
Cleaned-up ggzdmod library without the GGZ-side interface
Support for dynamic room additions and removals in ggzd
Support for on-the-wire player management and permission handling in ggzd
Support for DBI database backends and hex-encoded password hashes
Ability to start ggzd without ggzd.conf, using only default values
GGZ Base Library (libggz) Asynchronous socket functions (dio)
GGZ Client Libs (libggzcore, libggzmod) Support for dynamic room additions and removals, player management and permissions in ggzcore
Desktop-aware general purpose GGZ core client wrapper ('ggz')
Improved manual pages for tools and libraries
Game servers XBoard/GNU Chess AI support for the Chess server
Velena AI support for the ConnectX server
Many new GGZCards options and improvements
Addition of per-room command line arguments to game servers
Savegame support for Reversi and ConnectX
Grubby Support for PHP scripts in modembed
Text client Support for player admin actions
Utilities Major overhaul of the GGZ metaserver and correponding client interface library
Improved manual pages for all utilities
More network source code generators and XML support for GGZComm
Documentation GGZBoard overview documentation
API documentation for pyggzmod in doxygen style
New metaserver introduction and protocol specification
Extended game developer and server hosting guides
Python stuff New GGZBoard game: Shogi
New GGZBoard game: Sudoku
Completely overhauled wrappers for ggz(d)mod libraries
Pygame integration layer for ggzmod
More standards-compliant packaging and installation
Community Web Interface Overhauled tournament scheduler
Some help pages
Trigger for forum database synchronisation
Easier system integration of the whole Community installation
Integration of Cocodrilo engine for data downloads
GGZ for Java Higher functionality, now covering most GGZ core client features
Webstart facility and system integration
Themeable and much improved user interface
Integrated help file
Goals for 0.0.15
Nothing has been decided yet. Some ideas were floating around:
  • Load balancing among GGZ servers
  • Port of KDE games and clients to KDE 4
  • ...
There is a Playground SVN module where very unstable development takes place. Every game and game-related developer is encouraged to use this module.

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