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GGZ Snapshot 0.99.5 Downloads

Source code release
This is the fifth in a series of snapshots leading to a GGZ 1.0 release. The GGZ Gaming Zone project releases its components as source code, which can be downloaded here. In the special case of this snapshot release, only twelve of our countless packages have been included. Following a staggered release order, additional packages were added from time to time. The packages are complete now, although further changes to the package layout, as well as massive bugfixing and some enhancement, will still happen before 1.0.

Source code packages
ibiblio Mirror, USA:

Thanks to ibiblio for providing the mirror! In case it doesn't work, please access our FTP server directly.
Server donation, anyone? We were that close to receiving a dedicated server but our contact to the company in question turned out to be unreachable somehow. We do already have a location for hosting the server. This means that the previous situation, where we had a promise for a server but no location, has now been reversed! Please write a mail to the hostmaster if you are kind enough to provide a server to us.

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