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GGZ 0.0.11 Screenshots
These screenshots have been made for release 0.0.11. The previous ones of version 0.0.7 up to 0.0.10 are still available here.

Ludo game client module for GGZBoard
Koenig chess game with Spanish translation
The GGZBoard game client got another client module, which implements the Ludo game. The KDE chess game Koenig can now also be played against a local AI.
KCC chinese checkers
Lots of documentation updates and architecture explanations. The chinese checkers implementation KCC got a facelift.
KGGZ, the GGZ core client for KDE, supports HTML pages for the MOTD. Grubby, the chatbot, can now be configured graphically.
Player profile
Tic-Tac-Toe Replay
Player profile with won titles in GGZ Community. GGZ Community supports savegame visualisation and a world map.

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