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GGZ 0.0.7 Screenshots
These screenshots have been made for release 0.0.7. To view some older ones, please visit this page.

Gtk+ client with TTT3D
GGZCards under GNOME 2.x with support for statistics The Gtk+ client launching a game of TicTacToe 3D
Text client
Telnet client
The text-only client under GNOME 2.x Using TelGGZ (the telnet wrapper client) under BlackBox
KGGZ with Fyrdman
Playing Geekgame in single-player mode against the AI Fyrdman, the new KDE client for Hastings1066
GNOME client and DB2Web
The GNOME 2.x client and the player rankings web interface Metaserver configuration in the KDE control module, and GGZap

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