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Games and Applications
The GGZ Gaming Zone lets you play more than 30 games already, and many more might be added over time. Many games are even available in multiple variants with varying user interfaces. To be able to play these games, a bunch of central applications and various utilities are available.

There are individual category pages for game engines, game clients and game servers, as well as for core clients, utilities and the backends.

To get an overview on all the software packages available, the new packages page is the recommended place.

Online gaming integration

GGZ provides the GGZ Community portal as a central point of handling player registration, display of statistics and rankings, organization of tournaments and other community activities. In its latest incarnation, playing games in the browser via GGZ-Java has been integrated.
Desktop integration

Users of free desktops like KDE or GNOME enjoy: Chat and multiplayer gaming applications, called core clients, are available for many desktops, as are several utilities for configuration and creativity. Users of Mac OS X and Windows will also find ways of accessing GGZ with ported and cross-desktop software.
Gaming experience

GGZ not only ships with more than 30 game clients in series of consistent and yet unique user interfaces, but also provides multi-game clients for card games and board games. Features such as game spectators, rankings and ratings, savegames, team play and AI player selection make GGZ the outstanding online gaming platform.
Free games community

GGZ developers work together with other game authors to integrate GGZ features in everyone's favorite games. This combines convenient multiplayer features with games of fame and tradition.

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